Monitoring the energy

A lot of commercial places lose dough on Heating and A/C, lighting and plumbing.

It is simple to waste energy in a huge space.

My company recently invested in an energy monitoring system. The whole place is designed to be energy efficient. 1st, all of us got an integrated Heating and A/C control system. The Heating and A/C control plan is meant to save on heating and cooling prices, so unused rooms don’t get Heating and A/C anymore. If a woman walks into a vacant room, the plan will detect the woman in the room and automatically turn on. When there is no one in the room, the Heating and A/C is turned off. The energy monitoring plan also makes it so only energy efficient settings are allowed. When the sunlight is blasting into particular offices, you can’t up the a/c anymore. You need to rely on shades and just sweat for a bit. Another substitute was the automated lighting system. The unused rooms in the building are dark. When you walk into space, it is motion lighted. The lights are dimmer when there is sunlight out and gradually brighten as it gets dark. All of these current additions are saving a bit of energy and in turn, saves our company a lot of dough. I will say that it is odd walking into a dark room that immediately lights and cooling stars pumping out. It scared me the first couple of times that it did it. Now I am used to lights following me as I walk down the hallways.


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