Living off the grid does not mean that I will go without central heat and air conditioning.

My husband and I recently sat down to talk about what we will do after he retires.

He is a successful businessman and I taught in a private high school until last year and we have a sufficient amount of money to retire comfortably on.

My husband admitted that he would like to build a mountain cabin and live off the grid in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t know exactly what he meant by living off the grid but I sure wasn’t willing to live without central air conditioning and heating and I told him so. He laughed at me. He told me that he wants to make as little imprint on the environment as possible and we would be having a geothermal air conditioning and heating system run off solar panels and he told me that it really was entirely possible to live comfortably in the middle of nowhere. He reminded me that many things can now be solar or battery powered and I won’t notice a difference. He promised that I will have all my comforts, including central heat and air conditioning. I was grateful for the information. When he said off the grid, I imagined a wood cabin lit with lamps and water pumped in by a hand pump. I didn’t consider the comforts of modern technology being able to keep me in comfortable air conditioning and heating if we lived someplace electricity didn’t run to. I don’t know if I would feel isolated or not but at least we would have heat and air conditioning.

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