Installing portable air conditioner into bedroom window requires caution

I’m always excited when the weather finally warms up after a long winter.

It feels wonderful to open up the windows and let in some fresh air.

With the change in weather, there are always a lot of jobs to do around the house. I need to service the lawn mower, haul out all of the patio furniture, and clean the house. I also carry my portable air conditioner down from the attic and install it in my bedroom window. Although the air conditioner is compact, it is difficult for me to maneuver. The cooling unit is just heavy enough and big enough to make it difficult to carry down the narrow and steep attic stairway. I am always a bit worried that I am going to either trip or drop it. I make sure to descend the stairs very slowly and carefully. The process of putting the air conditioner into the window is fairly easy. The fit is a bit tight and I have to give it a good shove to position it properly. I need to be cautious not to push to forcefully because the cooling unit might fall right through the window to the pavement below. My bedroom is located on the second floor, and the window overlooks the cement driveway. The air conditioner would never withstand the crash and it would probably land on my car. I’d not only need to replace the air conditioner, but pay for a huge repair to my vehicle as well. Once the air conditioner is situated in the window, it is a simple matter of plugging it in and starting it up.


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