Industrial boiler rentals in my area

My business often requires the rental of a mobile boiler.

It can make the job easier.

I didn’t have any problem retning mobile boilers until my wife and I moved to the country. I’ve been trying to get my start here, but it’s really difficult. One of the biggest challenges is finding mobile boiler rentals in the area. The first time I needed to rent an industrial boiler, my wife and I spent most of the morning calling different HVAC companies to find the right equipment. Unfortunately, we had to rent an industrial boiler from a company located 200 miles away. We couldn’t rent the boiler on the same day and we had to pay a fortune for shipping. The company had the boiler shipped from the other side of the country. We kept the industrial boiler for 2 weeks while we completed the job. The rental rates were extremely high, because I was outside of their normal rental zone. We had to pay a huge security deposit on the equipment and the company gave us a hard time at every turn. They didn’t even want us to keep the boiler for two weeks, but I insisted it was necessary. I don’t want to deal with the same company every time I need to rent a boiler, but I might not have a choice. My wife and I thought about buying our own compact boiler, but we just don’t have the capital to put out that kind of money. Until we can afford our own boiler, we’re stuck paying huge fees.


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