I’m trying to find quality custom furniture

Now that my partner and I are settled into excellent careers—the two of us have been so lucky and thankful for the options that have brought us to where we are now—the two of us are ready to start being certain about how we want our home.

In our first household—a really small house—the two of us relied on affordable furniture and hand-me-downs to fill our household with decorations.

Now that we’ve moved into a family household and want to start building a life for our future children, we are looking at custom furniture. Since we are actually new to this world, I am hoping that some of you kind folks online might be able to help us out. The two of us are hoping to find high end furniture to fill our household. I’ve looked around online at high end furniture stores, but when I visit it always seems to be the same flimsy furniture that I could find at a chain store but with nicer paint and gloss. I’m not looking for furniture that appears to be custom, I’m looking for actual custom furniture. I’m not having much luck on my own finding high end furniture retailers and would love any insight from people who know some things about the custom furniture world. I don’t have a particular style that I’m looking to accomplish with custom furniture just yet—I’m still looking at design options—so I’m not restricted by any particular “look”. The two of us are really just looking for excellent, high end furniture that makes our household look the way the two of us want. Thank you for your assistance!



French style furniture

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