I’m glad I was able to get a boiler rental

I had a huge amount of disasters in my basement after a pipe burst while I was at work. I came back to my property and walked downstairs to see the entire basement flooded with numerous inches of water. Several lights were no longer operating and the base of our washer and dryer was easily consumed by the water. Calling a water destruction remediation business was relatively stressful, because first they had to pump the water out of the basement. Unlike all the people, I don’t have any floor drains in the basement, otherwise I wouldn’t have had a flood to actually remedy. After the water was finally pumped out of our basement, the water destruction remediation business took in a few separate industrial sized dehumidifiers to dry out the soggy drywall and baseboards. And when everything was completely dry, they got to work repairing all of the messed up and warped wood throughout the basement. Sadly our Heating plus A/C boiler was messed up during the flood at some point in time. I hadn’t used it in a long while so I didn’t find out it was actually ruined until after the remediation crew was fully done with their work. I don’t have the actual money right now for a brand new boiler. Sadly, I have family coming to visit really soon for a few days. And since it’s getting extremely cold outside with every subsequent month we get closer to the nippy season, I can’t go without a working boiler. This is why I’m cheerful that you can get a really nice mobile boiler rental from one of the commercial and industrial equipment dealers here in town. I called and they had a pretty nice temporary boiler at my property the following afternoon. Now I’ll still have heat while I save enough cash for a replacement permanent boiler.



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