I should have stuck with my guns.

I can’t say I don’t love animals, because I do.

I love animals if they belong to someone else.

I don’t have the time, money, or room for an animal in my life. I keep hearing from my friends how a dog or a car would be able to keep me company. They don’t understand that I don’t mind living alone. My girlfriend isn’t interested in living with me, and she isn’t an animal lover, even if she did. My friends apparently think that since they want animals everyone should want an animal. I about freaked when they bought my a St Bernard puppy for my birthday. Even as a puppy, the dog was huge. I tried to give it back but no one was listening. I couldn’t even give the dog to a family member. They all knew it wasn’t the right kind of dog for our area. We live in the south and this dog needed cool air. I didn’t like it overly cool, so I always had my thermostat at eighty. For me, this was a comfortable temperature. The thermostat set at eighty also saved me on my energy bills and on the wear and tear of my air conditioner. Unfortunately, the dog was a cold weather type of animal. Eighty was a bit too warm for the dog and it was always languishing around with its tongue hanging out. I knew this was how a dog sweats. I had to reset the thermostat to sixty-eight so the dog was somewhat comfortable. On the other hand, I was too cold and I had to wear a sweater in my home. My girlfriend told me that her mom always had her thermostat at sixty-five, and she was looking for a dog.
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