I realized that my son was abusing the air conditioner in his room

I cannot believe that I actually had to take the window air conditioner away from my son, but after the last electricity bill that I received, I knew that it was time to take the window air conditioner. It was obvious that my son was not ready for the privilege of having a window air conditioner in his room. I guess that he is going to have to go back with the fan until he learns some moderation. We had just bought the window air conditioner for him two months ago. During the first month of him using the window air conditioner, we noticed that our electricity bill got a lot higher. We knew that the electricity bill would get higher because of the window air conditioner, but we decided to have a talk with him about the air conditioner. A few times, when we walked into his room, we found the window air conditioner running in the window at the lowest setting, and another time, we found the other window open while the air conditioner was running. We told him that he would have to be more responsible now that we have the window air conditioner. However, during the second money, he was even worse about the air conditioner. Despite multiple warnings about the window air conditioner, he managed to bring the electricity bill up by $100 just with the air conditioner. At that point, we decided that it was time for him to lose the window air conditioner. He is going to be disappointed, but he is going to have to learn responsibility.


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