I like it when I have the weekend off

Most Saturdays I work in the office during the day the restaurant during the night.

When my shift is completed, I’m exhausted and just go home.

On the occasional Saturdays that I do have off, I like to party all night long. After my office shift, my friends and I gather for supper and spend the night out and about. On these nights I arrive home very late. With my hectic schedule, I always forget turn my air conditioner on before I leave the house. After a night involving drinking, I come home to hot and stuffy air. As soon as I walk in, I run to turn the air conditioner to the highest setting. I have noticed that my bills have shown a pattern of increasement on the months I have Saturday nights off. Though the difference isn’t large, I need to come up with a strategy to remind me to turn the cooling system on before a night out with my friends. If I xaome up with a way to remind me to turn the A/C upon before I leave, I can come home to an already cooled home. This will also save me money my cooling bill and less stress on my cooling system I am while out on the town..

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