I got heated flooring installed in my bedroom and bathroom

I have always loved wood or laminate flooring.

I have never been a carpet type of person.

Carpet just seems to get dirty and it is hard to keep clean. Hardwood or laminate flooring is so much easier to clean than carpet is. My mom used to have carpet all throughout her house, and I can remember shampooing the carpets and thinking how disgusting it was. We did not shampoo that often since it took a long time, so most of the time, the carpet was just dirty. For this reason, I have all hardwood flooring in my house. I have tile in the bathroom and kitchen though. The one thing about those types of flooring is that they tend to be a bit cold. I decided that I wanted to get radiant heated flooring. I did not have the money to get the radiant heated flooring installed in every room of my house, so I just did my master bedroom and the bathroom for now. My goal is to have one more room done every six months. I will be saving money constantly to have radiant heated flooring installed in each room. I cannot believe how much I love the heated flooring. It is so nice to wake up in the morning and step onto a heated floor. I thought that it may not help me with my problem with waking up since it is warm and cozy, but I have found that it actually makes me want to get out of bed more because it is warm and inviting. I can’t wait to have the radiant heated flooring all throughout my house.


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