I don’t know what happened to our heater

I don’t know what happened to our heater.

I have been using a little space oil furnace in our home office every Winter time for the past more than 2 years, and well, the weather just started getting cold around here again, in addition to I went to get our heater, however I could not find it.

I could not find our oil furnace the other day, in addition to I literally cried about it. I may have been a little dramatic, however I was super distraught to not have a oil furnace for our home office. I was so cold last night that I could hardly sleep. If I can’t find that space heater, I am going to have to start sleeping downstairs in our home office because that is like the only sizzling room in our house. I know that our home office has HVAC vents, however for some reason, no heat comes out of them. The only heat that our home office gets is the heat that rises from the home office downstairs. It is easily around fifty degrees or less in our home office all Winter time long if I don’t have a oil furnace in there. I entirely would like to get another oil furnace if I can’t find the 1 that I lost. I have looked in every closet that I can guess of, however I still have not been able to find our heater. I don’t live in a really sizable house, so there are not more than 2 places where our oil furnace could be. I normally store the oil furnace in our closet in our home office, however the oil furnace is not there. I don’t guess that I gave the oil furnace away, so I am so unparticular as to where our oil furnace is.
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