I didn’t consider climate control when choosing my daughter’s caregiver.

I planned to go back to work as soon as I could after our daughter was born, and I found a good home day care to send her to.

Julia was an online student earning her teaching degree and she opened a home day care to supplement her income.

Her home was clean and childproof and Julia was patient and outgoing. Best of all, my infant daughter took to her. I never considered Julia’s climate control situation when I chose her to be my daughter’s caretaker, but, in my defense, I didn’t expect my daughter to develop so many allergy problems. We ended up having a whole house air purification system with UV lights installed in our home and we only use HEPA filters. The HEPA filters trap over 99% of allergens that get into the HVAC system and the UV lights kill viruses, bacteria, and mold that get into the HVAC system. But, what about allergens, viruses, and bacteria before they get into the HVAC system? We have space air purifiers throughout the house to trap allergens flowing in the air.. Then, I had to figure out what to do about Julia’s house. Whole house air purification systems are expensive and I knew that Julia couldn’t afford it. I was hoping space air purifiers and HEPA filters would be enough, considering Julia kept her home so clean. I was almost willing to pay for a whole house air purification system for Julia’s house just so we could keep her as my daughter’s caregiver, but, fortunately, the HEPA filters and space air purifiers worked well enough.


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