I could not live comfortably and happily without air conditioning.

I find it really hard to understand how people can comfortably and happily live without air conditioning, especially where I come from.

I live in a subtropical location that feels like summer most of the year.

Not only that, the humidity stays pretty high all year long. Without good air conditioning, humidity seeps into the home causing mold and mildew and destroying things like books and paper. Not only that, humidity sticks to the skin and makes it difficult for sweat to evaporate. It’s very easy to get overheated in humid weather. And people willingly and happily live with the heat and humidity of this tropical area without air conditioning. I just don’t understand it. I certainly couldn’t live comfortably and happily without air conditioning. It’s bad enough when a storm comes through and knocks out the power for a couple of hours to a couple of days, but to never have air conditioning would be bad for my physical and mental health. My body doesn’t like to move in the heat and humidity, and bodies need to move to stay healthy. I would be sedate without air conditioning, and nothing would get done.My house would become a mess and we would live off fast food. And without air conditioning, I would be snapping at the family because being hot makes me cranky. And I am not the only one. We would all be snapping at each other. Without air conditioning, relationships in my family would deteriorate. Life would be miserable. Like I said, I couldn’t imagine willingly living without air conditioning.


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