I considered throwing out the chairs until my partner said to reupholster them

When my partner as well as I were initially married 25 years ago, we easily inherited a set of chairs as well as a really great oak table from my partner’s mother as well as father.

We honestly didn’t have a great deal of things such as furniture, linens, or pots as well as pans when we were married.

My mom as well as father gave us some items that were resting in the shed, however the dining room table as well as the numerous chairs were actually part of the package. My partner as well as I used the oak table as well as the numerous chairs for 25 years before we eventually decided to reupholster the chairs. There were stains all over the fabric as well as I was going to throw out the chairs altogether as well as buy something completely modern. My partner genuinely enjoyed the hand carved chairs as well as the pattern matched the legs on the table, so he easily made the suggestion that we simply reupholster the chairs instead. My partner said that he would handle all of the details. He made an appointment with a custom furniture shop. The place actually specializes in reupholstery on chairs, sofas, as well as bar stools. The place came with especially nice reviews as well as a fantastic deal of recommendations. My partner was able to pick the fabric for the new chairs, I thought he picked something truly nice. He went with an off-white color with a checkerboard pattern as well as black spots. It looked totally nice with the oak chairs as well as the oak table. It took a few days for the furniture shop to be done with the upholstery, but everything looked amazing when they returned our items. I think the chairs look brand new as well as it genuinely didn’t cost a small fortune to get the job handled by a professional.


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