I am working on the HVAC unit on my own

Our neighbor owns and operates a small hotel which includes fifteen separate units.

Their hotel is the only one in the area, and so most of the rooms are usually booked.

The wear and tear on the rooms is significant. The upkeep on the hotel can be described as a constant challenge. There seems to always be something in need of repair or updating. Between the water system, electric, HVAC and furnishings, you can find constant damage and maintenance requested. Our guests are not careful and cause many damages. Every member of our neighborhood has needed to learn the available skills of a handyman. We’ve addressed clogged drains, overflowing tubs, offered fuses, burns in the rugs and broken windows. We’ve recently undertaken a project to change the entire HVAC system inside the hotel. The old units were not able to meet the requirements of severe weather, and the control knobs were broken or no longer working properly. Because these HVAC units were located close to the floor, they often got kicked, dinged up, or even coffee spilled on them. We are investing a ductless heat pump system designed to include two outdoor compressors known to cause indoor air handlers in each and every room. The indoor air handlers tend to be streamlined, attracted and able being mounted up high on this wall. The units operate softly, are wonderfully energy efficient, and combine both heating and cooling capacity. A wireless remote will allow the guests to manage temperature, switching from heating to cooling, and adjusting the fan acceleration. Because of the manufacturer’s service and superior energy efficiency, we are hoping the ductless HVAC units will definitely cost us far less to operate and keep.

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