I am glad I have security cameras

I run a small little shop that has a collection of handmade crafts.

I get purses, t-shirts, bags and jewelry from local craftsmen.

Everything is one of a kind and due to this, I can charge a little more. Every craft in my store is worth quite a lot and losing it would be a big loss for me. I try to be unquestionably good with how I spend my money. For a while I did not want to get a security plan but the stress of losing my costly stock had me put my back up and do it. Now that I have security in my little shop, I can rest now. I have keyless entry in order to get in my store to start the day! Once I am open I have a ton of security cameras. I have security in every corner of the store that shows down the aisles and along the shelves. I even have a camera behind the cash register. I have the live camera feed on my laptop and can even access it from my phone. There is no part of the store that I can’t watch. It has been such a game changer for me. Theft is not often, however when it does happen, I always see who does it. So far I have not had to alert the authorities. I simply walk up to the person and let them know I saw them on my camera. I give them the option to put the item back and leave the store.

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