High electric bills could mean ductwork problems

My family and I have been in the same location for multiple years and it has been quite a learning experience about owning a home.

The experience has been fun yet also humbling.

I’m ecstatic to use skills that I have learned and they will someday come in handy to teach my son. They prefer to help with problems around the house and I have told them all of the names of the tools we use. What is not fun is helping with an exasperated problem that is not able to be repaired. The air conditioner worked unbelievably well for multiple years and then suddenly our Energy bill skyrocketed. The people I was with and myself believe that the air conditioner was running too frequently. The people I was with and also myself replaced the temperature control program and added a smart unit. The temperature was still the same and the people I was with and myself still had problems with high energy bills. We finally broke down and decided to contact a licensed heating and AC repairman. The heating and AC repairman found the problem to be with the duct work which was old and also leaking. Since there was escaping through the ductwork, the heating, ventilation and AC system was working harder then necessary. The heating and air conditioning repairman suggested the problem to be our duct work and gave us an estimate for fixing all of the problems. We had to pay a couple of hundreds of dollars for all of the ductwork repairs, but the energy bills are much lower now.



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