Enjoying the Mardi Gras festivities

In our area, we are big fans of Mardi Gras. We always go out for the Margi Gras parade and we celebrate wearing our costumes and getting into the action. The thing is, it tends to be pretty chilly outside during the celebrations, so it’s always a good idea to wear jackets. This is why I am thankful that we have a smart thermostat for our HVAC system. It doesn’t really matter how chilly it gets out there, so long as we know that we are able to come back home with the heating system at just the right temperature control settings. We tend to celebrate for hours though and we will even go to some of our famous local restaurants to enjoy some of that fabulous food for the occasion. The restaurants know how to accommodate the people, and they always have the perfect temperature control settings. They also all have air purification systems so the air quality is always superb. This way you can relax, enjoy some food and drinks, and be comfortable without having to worry about anything else. Before we end up heading back home for the evening, we always make sure to adjust the temperature control with our smartphones, so the heating system is cranked up. We also love to get a fire going in the fireplace when we get back home, it’s one of our Mardi Gras traditions! We bring the afterparty to our house, but it’s usually just some family members and some close friends. There certainly is plenty of drinking though and good food to go around!


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