Choosing the right heating system for our pool

It wasn’t too long ago when we decided to have an inground pool installed in our backyard.

We also had a stone wall built around our property for additional privacy. With our pool, we were thinking about what type of heating system to use. It’s important to have a good pool heater so that you can swim for longer periods of the year. I looked into all sorts of heating systems for pools including solar water heaters, using solar panels, solar mats, dome-shaped solar collectors, heat pumps, and heat exchangers. After looking into these different options, I decided that using a heat pump would be the best option. The heat pump is great because it’s incredibly energy efficient and it has a long life cycle. The only real issues with the heat pump for heating the pool is the fact that it only works with ideal ambient outdoor temperatures. The thing is, you probably don’t want to go swimming anyway when it becomes really cold. Sure, there are some heating systems for pools that allow you to swim year round, but I don’t feel that we need to go swimming in the middle of the winter. Besides, if we want to soak in the midst of the winter, we have a hot tub for that! So I decided to invest in the heat pump for heating the pool, and I truly must say that it works beautifully! There’s nothing better than swimming in your pool throughout the year at just the right temperatures. I also find that it’s good to use a cover for the pool to keep it warm without overworking the pool heating system.


Heating tune up

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