Business and corporate law puts new policies in place

Everyone knows that with larger corporations comes greater responsibilities and more strenuous rules and regulations.

Smaller, family owned businesses can often manage in ways that larger companies can’t.

It came as no surprise that the corporation I work for decided to include stricter policies regarding working from home. These were requirements set in place by our local government. In order to be in compliance with business and corporate laws, my company needed each employee to sign an agreement that their work hours would focus on matters related directly to the business. These updated policies originated from the corporate law offices through workers comp. If an employee is injured while on the job, even when working from home, is it the corporation’s responsibility to provide for medical costs. According to the business and corporate law of this particular corporation, if the employee is doing something relevant to the job and is on the clock at the time of the injury, the corporation is liable for compensation. However, there are a few loopholes to this law. While I’m at my desk and typing on a laptop, I am not all that likely to get hurt on the job. However, when I’m at home, I’m more likely to be involved in non-job related tasks. I might get hurt during regular business hours, but I shouldn’t really expect the corporation to pay for my medical expenses. Business law serves both the employee or the employer, striving to determine the party who is at fault. There are multiple layers to each case including workers comp, but business and corporate law are in place to assist each step of the way.


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