An accident has given me injuries that are taking me out of the HVAC industry

I have always been a thrill seeker in my free time.

  • My friends and I used to build ramps that we would jump with our bikes, roller blades, and skateboards.

I think I fell more times on hard asphalt in those years than at any other time in my life. But despite the ongoing injuries, my thirst for extreme sports was only just beginning. Soon my parents bought me my first dirt bike. Since we lived on 20 acres of land, I started riding my dirt bike for hours everyday. By the time I was 25, I was competing in amateur races. This coincided with my search for a stable career. I had worked at grocery stores and large supercenters for most of my life and had passed on the chance to attend college after my grades slipped in the last two years of high school. I was relieved when a close friend told me that he’d put in a good word at the HVAC supplier where he works. Before I knew it, I was an official HVAC apprentice. Working in the heating and cooling industry gave me a stable income for the first time in my life. I could finally enjoy my interests in extreme sports without struggling to keep food on my table. Unfortunately, my economic independence came crashing down recently after a serious injury on my motocross bike. I slipped on mud coming down a hill and was thrown from my bike and tumbled down the hill at breakneck speed. I was extremely lucky to only injure my arm, but it was still enough to make working in HVAC next to impossible. While I recover, I have to find a new job where my arm can heal during my shift.



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