A real contractor saved the day

I had a recent disaster with a ductless mini split.

  • I decided to cheap out and hire a sub-contractor rather than a real, licensed Heating and A/C specialist.

The girl assured myself and others she could absolutely do the job. Well first the girl installed the ductless heating and air unit not where I wanted it. I also got a brand of Heating and A/C I have never heard of before and I am pretty sure it was used. The ductless Heating and A/C unit didn’t turn on and off. The outside of our home looked adore a mess. There were exposed tubs and the condensate drain would have run into the house. If the AC leaked, it would have gotten in our walls and rotted them. The sub-contractor took the money and ran. She wouldn’t return our calls or emails. She just vanished and left myself and others with a mess. I finally had to just grit our teeth and take the loss. I called a real certified Heating and A/C professional and asked for some help. The girl didn’t even want our old unit. She said it was a mess. She took out the cheap brand and put a real Heating and A/C product in locale. She covered up all the exposed tubing and made it match better to the side of our house. Another perk was that she made sure the drain line went right into our gardens. I almost have a small watering system. I appreciate our ductless heating and air system now. It is drastically powerful, quiet and tucked away so nobody can see it. I am so ecstatic that the professional tested me. She showed up at the time I asked for and charged myself and others within her estimate price.


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